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TrickleStar 7-Outlet Multi Sensing APS

I-TKSMLTSNS-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1 4.8 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
  • Media Feature: Cm2tNFp3I3I
  • Media Feature Markdown: Please visit [TrickleStar's Installation Guide]({openNewTab}) for detailed installation instructions.
  • On Sale: false


  • Total Outlets: 7
  • Surge Protection: 72,000 Amps
  • Motion Sensing: Yes
  • APS Category: Tier 2
  • Infrared Sensing: Yes
  • Current Sensing: Yes
Model: TS1810
The TrickleStar Multi-Sensing APS helps you use less energy and save money. This advanced multi-sensing power strip not only eliminates vampire load from devices plugged in but not in use, but it also senses remote control signals, motion, along with load sensing. As with other advanced power strips, when the device that is plugged into the control outlet is turned off, the devices that are plugged into the switched outlets will also turn off automatically. What makes this different, is that when no IR remote control signals (such as those used to control a TV, DVD, or surround-sound system) are detected in the area in front of the TV, the internal count timer in this APS will switch off the TV and peripheral devices, delivering additional savings. **In the box** * 7-outlet Advanced PowerStrip * Infrared and motion detecting multi-sensor * Instruction booklet